Brute Force training

Anyone on here messed around with brute Force sand bags and their training plans? Like the blue line or the operator series. Curious if their training programs are worth the money.
I have one of their bags and with 3 filler bags. They've made it through 3 moves and a deployment. I do not regret spending money with them. I have not used any other their programming and was unaware they even offered it.
I have the smaller and larger bags with a variety of filler bags, and I bought the exercises poster. I travel a lot and they are handy to just through in the truck with all my other junk. I also use them at the range and in the DT room with students. They were the first home gym purchases and would be if I had to do it all over. I have the app, but I haven't really ever followed their programming to the "T". I just use it for inspiration... or torture.