Body armor Hydration Carriers


Help me Geardos, you're my only hope...

So here's what I'm looking for- a body armor worn hydration carrier. Should be simple, right?

Well, it isn't. My armor is a Paraclete RMV with the zip off back panel. It has velcro lining it, which holds it flat against the back panel. What I want is a hydration carrier that I can sandwich between the velcro layers, so it rides close to my back. Sizing can be anywhere from 1-3 liters. The ability to double as a breaching tool pouch is a bonus (or if there is a breaching tool pouch that fits the bill already, I'm all ears.)

The reason a regular externally mounted one won't work is because of bangs and a gas mask already occupying that space on the molle field.

My google-fu shows a few possible options for back panel replacements like Crye or Tyr products, but that involves reconfiguring the back panel completely, not to mention there is no guarantee of compatibility without a custom order to begin with. And if I'm going to have to go the custom route, I may as well get made what I described, right?

So what is the herd using and what are my options?


I already have things on the outer portion of the back panel that can't be covered.
I have the ability to place a camel back between the layers already, but the does not accomplish my goal. Ideally, a drop in sleeve, 1-3 liters in size with Velcro all over it is what I want. Bonus points for a separate sleeve that I can slide a haligan or mini sledge into. But it all has to fit between layers.
You have any pics? My 2 cents will depend on exactly what your current setup looks like. I've worked this issue multiple times as different teams have different SOPs, each guy's different and so are their flaks..