Blue Glock 44 pistol safety hazard

Mike K

Wolverine Supplies, in Manitoba, Canada, is selling blue painted Glock 44 pistols.

These are functional .22 long rifle caliber handguns that are similar in colour to the older generation Glock 17T non-lethal training ammunition guns used for simunitions and securiblank, and UTM.

This is not an available option from Glock. Wolverine Supplies is either getting them painted or sourcing them from a distributor that is painting them this colour.


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Oh yeah, seen in the last 2-3 years several generally thin-blue-line styled lethal-cartridge-firing-pistols as custom paint. Kahr does one factory:

Obviously the Glock one is worse because they do even more blue, but I hate it for the same reason. They look like a LL trainer and will kill people, if not directly by diluting the effectiveness of the safety coding scheme.