Binocular Night Vision Devices - recommendation

Which set of BNVDs?

  • PVS-15

    Votes: 2 7.7%
  • BNVD

    Votes: 5 19.2%
  • Sentinels

    Votes: 15 57.7%
  • Other

    Votes: 8 30.8%

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I didn't even know they were until just recently. I haven't heard a date, I bet TNVC would know.

One of the things I don't like about the -31s... The battery connector for the battery pack prevents the right goggle from rotating up as far as it should be able to. Not sure why they did that.


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Yo, I'm bumping this thread because it has been two years and I am thinking about pulling the trigger on a pair of NVG soon.
I am a super-civlilian and want the most ninja shit I can get. If price was no option what is the best option available today and where is the best place to purchase?
Yo, I'm bumping this thread because it has been two years and I am thinking about pulling the trigger on a pair of NVG soon.
I am a super-civlilian and want the most ninja shit I can get. If price was no option what is the best option available today and where is the best place to purchase?
So it’s always a gamble buying NODs on the used market and right now that’s really the only possible way to pick up a pair of 31As (being the white phos version). I rolled the dice and got lucky and honestly couldn’t be happier with mine.

However, standard mil maintenance schedule is every 6 months so while I’m not putting in that level of every night use and wear, I also can’t get them serviced so that is a problem if I did reach an issue where servicing was required. If their sale is not restricted in the future I’d definitely suggest them over the 15s and sentinels I have tried. As far as benefits I don’t have much to add that has not already been addressed.


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Corollary to DLID's comments. is the 31A restricted by statute, or is that L-3 company brain damage? Same question about panos? Personally, I'm leaning toward sentinels later in the year, or 1st quarter next (or whatever their successor is.)
Dont know if anyone is still following this thread but I am in the market for a set of bino goggles and have primarily been looking at TNVC, but open to other options. I have looked at the L3 -31's but seems as though L3 is only selling to units and not individuals (not sure but thats what I got from TNVC) so I have been researching the Sentinels they offer as well as the DTNVG they offer as well. I like that with the sentinels I can run an ANVIS mount were most others are just dove tailed. I fly UH-60s so I am used to the Anvis style mount as well as linear adjustable tubes where the DTNVG dont seem to have a linear adjustment. I guess I am asking what everyone else is and whats the best bang for your buck at this point? I like that the DTNVG can be flipped individually but dont like that they cannot be adjusted linearly, and that they dont have an option of an anvis mount.

I am partial to the anvis mount for two main reasons, 1. Thats what i have used for years and its muscle memory, 2. the power options, both the battery pack and turning the device on and off by flipping the unit.

All in all I am asking what mount Dove tail vs Anvis and best bang for you buck WF filmless tubes/system currently.

Any help is great. Thanks
If you think you might want ball detent (ANVIS mount), the Sentinels are the way to go for you.

The Sentinels can be used in both ball-detent and dovetail configurations, will be familiar to you if you're accustomed to the AVS-6s already, and can be had with L3 UF WP tubes.

The '31s are restricted by L3 from commercial and individual sales. Some get out there on the "commercial" market through various means, but they're not going to be supported by L3 unless you know someone. Like standard-power ATPIALs and other IR lasers. They're out there and get into civilian hands through a variety of means, and you can legally buy and own them, but it doesn't mean the manufacturer is happy about it, and is going to help you with it if something goes wrong.

That being said, I have PVS-31s for demo. I still usually prefer to use the Sentinels unless I'm doing something where everyone else has '31s and I want to maintain consistency.

If you were only going to ever use the dovetail, I would suggest you take a look at the RNVGs, too--basically another ANVIS-style goggle, but with a dovetail interface and no external battery capability, but if you want or even think you might maybe want ball-detent, Sentinel is still going to be your best bet.



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Given that i'm just a Regular Guy, it appears that there are 3 primary choices for white phos dual tubes given things like the -31 aren't commercially available.
Beefcake aluminum housing
20.1 oz dovetail
Proven design that a lot of people have had great experience with, option of dovetail or ball detent if you were feeling like using a remote battery pack
20.8oz dovetail 23.1oz ball detent
Newer kid on the block (at least to my knowledge), I got to look through Duffy's and they were comfy and clear. Not sure if he got them direct from Act In Black or if they were units with TNVC tubes. The polymer housing and those small screws mounting the arms to the tube housings look like a failure point from a structural standpoint, but I'm not sure if they are as fragile as they look. I like the ability to flip individual tubes up or to have them flatter against the helmet when stowed when compared against the other two listed above.
18.8oz dovetail

Whichever I get, I think I would be mounting on a Wilcox G22E mount on my existing MTEK Ballistic helmet.

Any problems or pros/cons on these choices? Price-wise, the units are all priced similarly enough for it to not matter. Any reason why I should get the G24 vs. the G22E given the additional flexibility the G22E gives for use with masks, COTI, etc?


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So went ahead and ordered both the MAWL with the new tailcap which TNVC has already delivered and is full of awesomeness even as a C1 vs. the DA. Also ordered a pair of DTNVGs with white phos with the following minimum specs, may take a little longer to get a matched pair, but given the cost, want to be sure that they are worth the wait. Min specs: 72LP 34/35SNR 2200+ photocathode no zone 1 blemishes >75, no zone 2 blemishes >230