Best Rubber Hunting Boots

Hello everyone. I have found some good rubber hunting boots at and I can't decide which one to choose. They recommend taking the original Muck boots. What do you think about this model? If you are interested you can search the site to find other offers. As I remember you can get find them in the hunting category.

Oak City Tactics

Had nothing but excellent long service life out of Muck products. I just wore a hole through the sole of a pair of shoes. Probably 7-8 years old. Bought boots for my oldest about every other year since he was little. Thee kids have now grown through these boot sets.
I kick around in mine on the farm about every day. I've had no complaints with Muck brand and my kids have cycled through the same few pairs as they've grown and gotten older. Kids are pretty hard on stuff (especially mine) and the boots are still going strong. I've had LaCrosse and Irish Setter too but the Muck boots are the least bulky and easiest to put on and take off for me.

One word of advice, whatever Muck Boots you buy, if you go that route, is to get the "Wetland" sole. The others are very slick and are pretty much worthless in my experience. Muck with the "Wetlands" sole also seem to be the go to, in vogue, fashion item at our regional K9 training days for cold and wet weather for what that's worth (ha).
Not sure as to their availability in the States but I’ve been using Kamik’s for years. They’re domestically produced and aren’t very expensive at all. I have the insulated version which are supposed to be good down to -25 celcius. I've used them on plenty December shotgun season deer hunts and they were warm as hell. Not the lightest boot, but for the money they've been great and have lasted. My pair is roughly 6 years old.