Beretta M9A3 Versus 92 Elite LTT (Langdon Tactical)


I wanted to do a quick write up on two pistols that I really enjoy shooting, the Beretta M9A3 and 92 Elite LTT. I was in the Army and had a hate, hate relationship with the Beretta M9 and stepped into the M9A3 through a reluctant trade offer I could not pass up. The M9A3 had a night and day feel to that of my previous issue M9’s. When I took the M9A3 for its first range trip I was pleasantly surprised at how well the gun shot. Fast forward several months later, upon seeing the Langdon Tactical and Beretta collaboration then finding out he is relatively local to me I jumped on the chance to own one. The Elite LTT has a retail price of $999 the M9A3 has a retail price south of $900 (better deals can be had and used models go online in the $700’s). The most notable differences of the M9A3 and the Elite LTT is the barrel with the M9A3 coming with a threaded barrel and the LTT with a shorter target crown stainless barrel. The M9A3 is built on a Vertec frame and the LTT is built on an M9A1 frame. Both guns have similar undercuts and extended magazine release. M9A3 comes with high visibility Night Sights and the LTT has serrated fiber optic front sights with serrated black rears. The two pistols are extremely similar with the Langdon taking the slight edge. The rounding on the underside of the slide and trigger guard (something that bothered me on military models) was rounded to limit pressure spots and slide bite. The LTT came with a stainless-steel guide rod versus the plastic guide rod on the M9A3. The LTT had no lanyard loops and grips were tacky and felt slightly better to shoot than the M9A3.

Bottom Line.

If you have an M9A3 and thinking of selling to get a superior shooting gun, don’t. The differences (at least to me) were minimal and I would save the time and effort to send in your M9A3 for trigger work or order the LTT trigger kit in a box. If you plan on shooting suppressed I would stick with the M9A3. However, if you have the choice between the LTT and M9A3 and do not require a threaded barrel, the edge goes to the Langdon Tactical. In the end, they are different pistols with different mission sets, that said I am keeping both the M9A3 and LTT in my safe.



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Good write up dude.

I am kinda of the same mindset with the worn M9 except I am local to a bunch of Pizza Gun Nuts (Most notably Justin Dyal and the Guerrilla Armament crew) and when a 92G walked into the local gun shop for a nominal price, I jumped on it. It already had the G conversion, D hammer spring, metal trigger, extended mag release, and elite hammer. I rounded it off with Wilson combat sights (fiber front and the squared black rear) and some LTT grips. This became my production class gun and I learned to enjoy its refinements over the M9 I was used to.

Fast forward to the fall, I already made the decision after handling my shooting buddy's LTT Elite (w/ trigger Job) that I was going to add it to the lineup. Enter the Thanksgiving sale at LTT, which accelerated my timeline and I bought the LTT with trigger job. I also bought an extra Wilson trigger bar (the last part for the 92G). I'd say with the Wilson Trigger bar (which just dropped in to the 92G without any filing) makes a broken in 92G about 85-90% the LTT, but with all the additional trigger/frame/slide work, the LTT Elite (w/ trigger job) is far worth the money.

In short, you can "build" a higher end shooting Berretta 92 by installing a metal trigger, skeletonized hammer, reduced hammer spring, grips, sights (if you have a dovetail slide, if not add a vertec slide), trigger bar, g conversion, but you cannot easily replicate the milling work on the frame (rounding, flared magwell, checkering), and slide (front slide serrations). This is what makes the LTT Elite a better deal from the get-go.

Now if only I could get a Safariland ALS holster for the 92+X300U.


Thanks for the response Chas I did end up getting the LTT trigger job on my Elite that's why I did not talk much about the triggers on each. I am kind of wishing I went with the NP3 treatment in addition to the trigger job, but as the gun sits it's far more accurate than me.

Regarding the holster as mention in a previous thread by board member outland system I ended up buying a Safari Land 3280 for both my M9A3 and LTT. It was a little bit of a pain to find and I got the only one on Amazon. The holster seems very versatile with the M9/92 platform.


I actually have one off the 3280s for sale. I use a 6280 LASD right now with the SLS.
On the 6280 are you using an mr11 adapter with a rail-less gun, or will a railed 92 with an x300 fit? I'm about to upgrade my security license to armed and have been looking for a holster for a 92 series with a light


On the 6280 are you using an mr11 adapter with a rail-less gun, or will a railed 92 with an x300 fit? I'm about to upgrade my security license to armed and have been looking for a holster for a 92 series with a light
I’m using a 6280-73421 with a 92A1 with a TLR1-HL. Will also work with a Vertec or M9A1 with the same light. Not sure if it works with an X300 as well, as I don’t have one to try. Just another option.


I just bought an Elite LTT after handling a couple of other DA/SA handguns in the shop, including the M9A3. I definitely noticed the slimmer grips on the LTT right away, I found the controls on the LTT noticeably easier to reach. I thought the LTT had a bit of a nicer double action trigger as well, but they both had very good triggers. Both great guns, but the LTT does have some noticeable improvements in my mind.


One huge benefit of the Elite LTT for me is the beveled edges on the frame and underside of the slide at the rear. The softening of these areas really makes the LTT a more pleasant gun to shoot IMHO. The sharp edges (on the underside the trigger guard for instance) on my stock 92FS start to become apparent after I get up into the higher round counts at a range session, but not so with the LTT.


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Excellent write up. If I were ever to get interested in the M9 platform, I think I’d most likely start with a M9A3 and then send it off to Ernest for the full LTT treatment - Basically have him build a LTT Elite pistol using a M9A3 as the base rather than a M9A1 for the best of both worlds. Lack of ability to mount a RDS though outweighs that temptation...For now