Beretta 92 Series Safariland SLS/ALS Holster list?

Nathan Mack

Network Support II
Mine is specifically a Elite LTT, but Safariland and Holsterops websites seem lacking in holster searches for all Beretta pistols.

Can someone in the know rundown a list of 6000-series holsters, if any, compatible with WMLs on a Beretta 92 series handgun? TLR or X300.
Only currently made safariland light bearing holster I know of. Available in Black and Foliage ( more Ranger Green Looking honestly, I like it)


Beretta 92A1 or 92F with SF MR11 Adaptor / SF XSeries light

Works with my Langdon Tactical's and all my 92A1's with X300's mounted. Available directly from Safariland only (call them....) Made specifically for LASD.


I’m in the same boat. I’m in need of a level III holster for a 92a1. Safariland is who I want to go with but it’s been a challenge to find one.
If you hunt and peck you can find 3280s; they will fit any Beretta M9/92 or derivative with any weapon light that’s ever been produced. I’m pretty sure you could slap a M720V on your pistol, and the holster would work with it. Why in the hell Safariland never used the design from the 3280 for Glocks is beyond me. I’d prefer ALS to the rotating hood on the 3280-series, but given the adaptability of the holster, I’ll take what i can get.