Beretta 92 Light Strikes

I’ve got a Beretta 92FS that I’ve converted to G and slapped a 16# hammer spring in. The trigger press in DA and SA are absolutely beautiful, but I’m occasionally getting light strikes with ammo from Fenix and Winchester. I’ve had no issues yet with Speer Lawman. Is there anything else I need to tweak in regards to that?

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Nate Osborne

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You might want to reach out to Earnest Langdon on one of the facebook groups or email him through his website for probably the best advice you can get about the Beretta guns. I know he does trigger jobs with mainsprings lower than that and are still reliably igniting primers. I do know that his trigger job in a bag includes the Wilson Combat trigger bar. I am not 100% sure about what it technically does, but my understanding was it pulled the hammer a bit farther back in double action, giving you a harder hit on the primer than with a stock trigger bar which allowed you to get away with a lighter mainspring weight. Once again I would contact Earnest to get the gospel truth.
I was able to resolve this. I ended up purchasing a new 16# hammer spring from LTT when I ordered a set of the LTT thin grips. It turns out the original spring I was sent when I ordered it from Beretta is for a PX4. I’m no longer having light primer strikes.

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The other thing to check for if you're getting light strikes on a gun that has seen some use (think >20K) is the firing pin. They don't usually break, but if they do, it manifests as light strikes once in a while.