Ben's Training Log

In an attempt to better myself for 2019, I'm going to try and keep track of shooting and fitness goals here, along with whatever other forum relevant skills I develop along the way. I started two of these journals on USPSA forums at the end of last year with the same intent, but then I let life get in the way and I've gone shooting maybe 8 times this year with only one run and gun match. My life situation has settled somewhat, so next year I hope for more consistency and to use this to keep me honest.

2019 Goals:
  • Dry fire five days a week.
  • Shoot three times a month including a USPSA match (I expect this will be heavily disrupted by having my first kid in March)
  • Make C Class in USPSA Production by the end of May.
  • Shoot Oklahoma USPSA Section match June 29, shoot high C, low B class score (adjust if goals seems conservative as time goes on).
  • Make B class by end of year.
  • Attend a quality entry level pistol class.
  • Run a 23 minute 5K
  • Strength training towards packing a deer out of a hollow or literally sweeping my wife off her feet. No idea how to do that yet but that’s the goal.
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No response, and the forum seems pretty lethargic. I saw your post and thought what the hell- this forum is for helping each other out. I'd like to help you out in crushing these goals. Ive got a ton of knowledge, and a good bit of experience. And honestly more than happy to give it away. I think i can give you everything from tips, and full programs in the journey towards attacking these goals. Shoot me a PM if you are still up on the forum.
V/r Mac

Congrats on your first.
So, late February check in.

Due to poor travel planning I ended up leaving a lot of training gear at my in-laws 300 miles away after Christmas and just picked it up this weekend. However, all was not lost.

Over the last two months I did a lot of dry fire in the home office and the garage without a timer to work on basics and sight picture. I pushed my speed some but mostly focused on getting the sight picture appropriately “right” for each target. Next week I will reintroduce the timer.

Similar story for shooting. Indoor ranges only, didn’t have my timer so I focused on B8s at moderate speeds. At a steady pace of .5ish splits I am reliably staying inside the 8 ring out to 7 yards. All in the black out to 12 but I can feel wheels coming off as shots string low left. At 15 yards I’m losing rounds out of the black.

Between now and the end of March I’m planning on getting a couple outdoor range days where I can put things on a timer, and I’ll be sure to record some strings and take pictures of some targets to keep myself honest.

Will also be doing a carbine sight in day with my dad as he is taking Fisher’s ECE class at the end of March. Gonna sight a couple guns in and do a few of Fisher’s B8 drills and maybe some Baer drills. Need to finish planning that trip.


If you need a shit timer check out the “splits” app for Android phones. It’s adjustable and cost about as much as a fancy coffee. Has par timer etc and works good for dry fire training.

Keep on keepin on man!