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B.E. Meyers sent me both models of their new KIJI illuminator. People over think the simplicity and usefulness of such a device. Every long gun I have with an RDS can be used with my NVGs (with sufficiently high mount of course). All of those same long guns are equipped with white light - swapping out to use or add a KIJI takes minutes at most. Moving lasers between guns without confirming zero is a scary thought. I don't have that worry with the KIJI.

We use the same techniques with white light on guns as we do with IR. On high, remove the diffuser on the 3 degree model and you have a piercing hotspot. The 10 degree model provides great flood on high without diffuser.

My biggest conundrum is which model for which gun and which model for my helmet? I have programmed them for single click high output.

If you don't think it is possible to be in conditions too dark for nvgs to be useful, you are in for a good time. NVGs just amplify light. If none is present, they don't do anything. These illuminators can be used as weaponlights that will help more positively identify objects you encounter just like using white light.

Pictured is a KIJI size comparison with Modlite 18350 handheld and Surefire X300U.

The KIJI can also be used as IR illumination mounted to your helmet, drone, shield, etc.


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