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Nate Osborne

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I am looking around for a barrel, and wondered if anyone would have a suggestion. I would like the following features
-13.7-14.5" length (I could be talked into a 16" again if needed)
-mid length gas system
-.625 gas block journal, and an overall lightweight profile
-front sight base

I'm finding barrels with 2-3 of these features fairly easily, but all together is proving to be a bit difficult. I do have access to a gunsmith locally, but I would prefer to not pay for a barrel cut or FSB install on top of the cost of a brand new barrel. If it comes down to it, I could see picking up a BCM 14.5 LW and pay for the FSB install, but if anyone had ideas to get a barrel how I want without work, I am certainly open to ideas. Thanks in advance for the help!


5 years ago there were a lot of options but I guess most manufacturers have narrowed down what they offer. Understandable with demand the way it is. This was all I found.



I’d buy a non FSB Criterion Core or Hodge, and Pay to have the FSB added. Costs $75-$125 from the recommended gumsifs.

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