Ballistic Apps

I have two ballistic apps, applied ballistics and shooter ballistics. Both are IOS. I haven’t had a lot of time to test them side by side but one thing I noticed right off the bat is the difference in the tables. Everything entered is the same between both apps. Wind is set on a 6mph tailwind. Shooting a 308 gmm 168 grain Sierra bullet. Left is the Applied Ballistics app right is shooter.

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Yeah, that's to be expected somewhat, they are using slightly different math for the calculations. I have 4 or 5 different ballistic apps on my phone and they all give slightly different results. Some guys claim Ballistic AE (Applied Ballistics) is the most accurate but I haven't found that to necessarily be true, and the user interface is pretty complex. Pick one and tweak the settings to match your actual measured drops; any of the calculators are just an estimate until you've trued them to your results.

A couple others I like for iOS are iSnipe and MD Ballistics. iSnipe has the best UI in my opinion and uses Litz b.c. values, and MD Ballistics has an interesting reticle/target view on the main page where you can dial in your range easily. MD Ballistics also has a feature to set different b.c. values for specific velocity windows (like Sierra and Hornady publish for their bullets) and I like that.