Ballistic Advantage 9mm barrel overseating rounds

Migrated from FB workbench page for posterity:

OP: Glock-mag AR9 with a Ballistic Advantage barrel - every time it feeds a round, it sets the round back in the case badly enough that it's visibly noticeable and I throw those rounds away rather than re-chambering them.

The feed bevel on the barrel is very steep and aggressive, but looks normal compared to other 9mm barrels I shopped.

Is this normal? Should I be concerned about overpressure rounds doing damage or is the barrel extension typically beefy enough on a PCC barrel to handle it?

Thanks in advance!

RE from Joseph S: The ramps on the barrel in question are insufficient.

All the other 9MM bbls on the market have a much steeper ramp.

I know these barrels will give you a lot of feeding trouble unless you use a very round nosed cartridge.

Disappointing flaw from such a great MFG.

OP RE: Issues have occurred with a dozen flavors of 124gr and 147gr ball. All feed incredibly reliably. 147gr HST doesn't set back as badly, but also doesn't feed as reliably.

Could I have a gunsmith mill a shallower feed angle onto the extension or should I shop other barrels? Do we have a BA rep in the group, and are they typically responsive to issues?

UPDATE: Contacted BA, they sent an RMA after a few emails/pics/videos sent. Within a week, I received my upper with a brand new Gen 2 barrel installed. Gen 2 barrel extension has a much shallower, almost "two-stage" bevel to the feed cut.

BA rep's explanation: With the growing 9mm market, some lowers feed slightly different. We have accommodated our 9mm to have a more generous feedramp.

After 200rds of HST and Gold Dot (not sure on the exact split, but primarily HST), and around 500 rds of ball, the new barrel runs like a top.

TL;DR: If you have a Gen 1 BA 9mm barrel that doesn't feed right, contact them. The Gen 2 has a NOTICEABLY shallower feed ramp with an entirely redesigned geometry.