Atom Lt Equivalent

Coworker is looking for an Atom Lt or equivalent but he's being a little cheap. He needs it in black no, mo hood, similar warmth and fit. It will be used in Swat work. I've put him in the Vertx Integrity Base version. There are a number of deals out there in those but nothing in Large. It's an exact copy if you can find it but cheaper. I'm gathering his budget is in the $125 or under. Any good ideas?
Outdoor Research is worth watching. They do not currently have any jackets that meet the above requirements, but their product line fluctuates frequently. Their Pro Program is not that hard to get with professional credentials.
Have a look at my Vertx Recon and Integrity review. It’s the Atom Lt but at around $120-$130 with discounts.
I saw all of the posts on IG from Oak City Tactics. It's worth checking out for the price.

I should add, however, that I picked up an Atom LT hoody from REI for $140 recently. If you shop around, you can find deals on them. I was also able to pick up a Drac from US Elite Gear last year for $130. The deals are out there, but this Vertx jacket looks like a good deal also.




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Most LEAF vendors are clearing out Atom’s because of the new model coming out. $160 issues common price point I think.