Heads up! If you've ever wanted a peek at what the best of the best use here you go. Part of the Fire 4 Effect Weapon Systems, LLC team visited the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit to get a all access look at what the Olympic athletes, World record holders and Soldiers of the military's premier shooting team use. The lead gunsmith for F4E is the former NCOIC of the AMU Custom Weapons Shop and wanted to get the rest of the team up to speed on how the AMU accomplishes what it does.

If you look closely you'll notice some trends like lots of Geissele Automatics, LLC rails and triggers, high quality Leupold Optics and Nightforce Optics, lots of Accuracy International Ltd and Remington XM2010 chassis systems. The guys are reporting the AMU shooters are running a lot of bolt guns chambered in 6XC if you were curious.

It's also not a case of "Well the Army runs gear from the lowest bidder!" when you're talking about competing at the Olympic level or building guns for Unit guys heading down range. The test facility and protocols that support the parts selected for AMU builds are mind blowing to say the least. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who has the sheer amount of data supporting why specific calibers or parts work as the guys at the AMU. You'll notice a couple test fixtures that are designed to isolate the weapons accuracy without a shooter impacting anything. The AMU has built fixtures for complete AR uppers, pistol barrels and rifle barrels so they can identify baseline performance and log that for later use.

If you ever get the chance to visit the AMU I HIGHLY recommend taking the time to do so. This isn't a case of instagram gun guys who are simply doing T&E's without really knowing what they're doing. It's also not a industry company that's trying to push their new products. This is a Army unit that literally has decades of experience winning gold medals, teaching warfighters and building phenomenal guns. A surprising number of "invitations" in the shooting community have come about because of the work the Soldiers at the AMU have done. Only problem is, if it's built at the AMU during duty hours you can't patent it. It belongs to uncle sam. 14344145_1225438097502567_7147837737382256584_n.jpg


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