Aridus QDC Install

Just got 2 universal QDC's for a pair of 1301 tacticals I have.

Any tips or tricks for the install? When I put them on to mock it up I find I get a little but of the top or bottom of the rear or shooter side/latch side that hang off. Is this a problem and am I doing it wrong or is this normal? I don't want to install them because I don't think you can take them off or re-attach them once they are on.

Thanks in advance.

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Nothing really to it. Just line it up so it straight along the top and front and doesn’t cover the pin.


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There is not a position with the 1301 that will allow both rear corners to sit on the raised portion... A little bit of overhang will happen. But in reality it doesn't make a difference... Once installed it's not coming back off on its own.