Arbor Arms Manufacturing LLC

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Arbor Arms is a manufacturer of high quality tactical nylon, the company was founded by Jon Zum Mallen and Nick Brunori. Jon has A marine Recon Scout Sniper background and Nick has served as Infantryman in the 75th Ranger Rgt and The regular army as well as in his current capacity as a Intelligence Professional in the USAR , we both draw from our experience in the GWOT in our design and problem solving mentality. As a Company our desire to solve real world problems for Military, Law Enforcement and Responsibly Armed Citizens is driven by our experience in combat and our desire to give the good guys every advantage in the fight.

An example of this design philosophy is found in our FLEX buckle system, a silent, end user replaceable system that uses a proprietary AustriAlpin buckle in conjunction with MOLLE compatible woven elastic for maximum comfort and flexibility. This design philosophy is featured on our flagship armor carrier that we manufacture in partnership with High Performance Research Group. the Communication Armor System (CAS) FLEX, this system in conjunction with integrated comm cable routing and a maritime release embodies our commitment to providing the end user with gear that fits their needs and remains comfortable throughout wear and use.

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