Anyone From/Near Greenville MS

I'm active duty CG and just got orders to lovely Greenville, MS. Best I can tell it's a small town about 2 hours from anything, and has a high crime rate. I'm looking for any advice on a safe place to live with the family and any where that I can shoot or get out and camp in the area. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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How close are you looking to shoot, camp, etc? I stayed with a friend from there once in what seemed like a good part of town. I’ll see if I can find where.
More than likely I will be living somewhere outside of Greenville and commuting into the city. So anything within a couple hours will be fine, especially if it's a decent place to shoot without a lot of restrictions, or a camp spot that I can be left alone for some peace and quiet
Also if you know someone down there I'd love to get some advice on a good area to live. Doesn't have to be in Greenvillle specifically, I've been looking as far away as Cleveland which is about 45 mins away