Any plans for pinned AR mags?

Mark Smith

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I hate having to ask, but I am stuck behind the Iron Curtain of California.

I was estactic when Magpul announced and started selling the 10 round G-17 & G-19 Mags.

But, does Magpul have any plans on doing something similar for the AR PMAG?

I use pinned PMAG’s, but they typically have issues such as not being able to seat the magazine on a closed bolt, or cycle the action with a 10 round mag you managed to seat.

So basically I’m limited and I also have hexmags (ewwwww. But they don’t have the seating issue. They still suck)

And yes, I will move to America but in the meantime this would be fantastic if Magpul did this.


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I doubt they'd want the lawsuit exposure of a pinned 10 round magazine that can accept 11 with any amount of force. The closest solution would be to use floorplates that connect two short Magpul 10 round magazines together bottom to bottom to approximate 30 round length and leave the dust cover on one end.