Any P&S Mountain House dealers? Amazon best prices?


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What's the best deals for Mountain House Freeze Dried now? Amazon?
I did not know if there was a P&S dealer? Thanks....


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Amazon currently has the #10 can of Chicken & Rice for only $14.99 delivered.
Amazon also has 4 pack of single serve pouches Beef Stew for $9.74 delivered.

Edit......It looks like the Beef stew was listed incorrectly, but the #10 can of chicken & rice is good.
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Yeah I wuz gonna say, the #10 cans rock out. I can usually get 9 meals out of there so it's basically half the price of retort packages. I am rotating 10+ year old stock now and it tastes just fine.


Just looking at my dealer account with Liberty Mountain in Utah. My price for #10 can of chicken & rice is 15.32

pro packs cost me $6.45
Standard beef stee is $6.48

seems like Amazon is much cheaper all said and done