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Any LEOs in the NOVA/DC area here?

Discussion in 'Recruiting, Careers, & Contracts' started by Cool Breeze, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. Cool Breeze

    Cool Breeze Newbie

    Hi all. I hope this in not inappropriate to place this here. I just moved back to NOVA and was looking to get into Law Enforcement/Criminal Investigation/counterterrorism/etc. and was wondering the best way to approach it, what agencies to look into, etc. I applied to a position at the Virginia BCI. If you know anyone in that is a VA Trooper or in that agency that would be especially helpful. Just looking to chat with someone no matter if you are fed/state/local - agency to me is no preference. I am just trying to figure how how to best get in to that kind of work.

    If you are in that field and willing to chat or potentially meet up for a chat I would greatly appreciate it. Feel free to PM or respond to thread. Thanks again.
  2. ggammell

    ggammell Member

    Are you looking solely at state level jobs or local?
  3. Cool Breeze

    Cool Breeze Newbie

    I'm looking at all levels. I mentioned that one because that is one that I specifically applied to. I am not sure the best way to approach this or what agencies to look at etc.
  4. Wil

    Wil Newbie

    The best way is to simply start applying.
  5. ffemt11b

    ffemt11b Newbie

    I'm a LEO in NOVA. Start applying everywhere most people who get hired seem to use the shotgun approach. I applied to just about everywhere before I got picked up. forums have some decent up to date hiring info from other candidates. At least when I was applying.

    PM me with any specific questions.
  6. Cool Breeze

    Cool Breeze Newbie

    Pm sent! Thanks!
  7. Wiglaf

    Wiglaf Newbie

    I'm a LEO in the DC Metro region. Like FFEMT11b stated just start applying. You never know who will take you and won't. Any questions feel free to PM me as well.

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  8. Tyler Houston

    Tyler Houston Newbie

    My father is with VSP and I have a bunch of friends that are Troopers as well. I was a County Deputy in Virginia for awhile but have since moved on towards the federal side of things. I would agree with those stated above, apply to every agency and make sure you're tailoring your interview and resume to the different levels or aspects of LE that you are applying for. Also, before interviewing, it helps to do your homework on the agency, Police Chief or Sheriff so you know their approach to things more and you can cater to their mission statement. As far as VA State Police goes, most of the troopers I am friends with are there reluctantly and want to move on because the pay is shit, they're have been no raises and they are bleeding personnel so bad right now that those on the road are working massive OT to make up for lack of personnel. On the other end of that, if you're looking at getting your foot in the door and get some experience then they are hiring like crazy and hurting for people. Good luck to you!

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