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Ankle carry IFAK

Discussion in 'Medical Equipment' started by ta2d_cop, Oct 25, 2015.

  1. ta2d_cop

    ta2d_cop Member

    I am in a plain clothes unit and am looking to set up a simple ankle carry IFAK. I will carry a CAT, Israili bandage and QC Combat Gause LE. I have complete kits on my armor and in my bailout bag. My issue is what to carry it in. I am looking at the Tactical Medical Solutions rig, a Galco Ankle Safe, and the Rescue Essentials Ankle Medical Holster. I have also looked at the Rogue Gunfighter rig. Curious to see what anyone else is using or had good, bad, or ugly experience with in an ankle carry kit.
  2. ta2d_cop

    ta2d_cop Member

    Upon doing a little more research I have decided to try the Ricci V2 ankle med rig. I'm going to order it later in the week or early next week.
  3. Andrew Y.

    Andrew Y. Regular Member

    I use an eagle creek ankle wallet, HALOs, CAT, Combat Gauze, TK4, and gloves pretty well
  4. ta2d_cop

    ta2d_cop Member

    I went with the Tac Med Solutions wrap with a CAT, Quick Clot LE and 2 packs of 4" 10 ply gauze. I've been using it for about 2 months and so far so good. It's low profile enough for EDC, light weight, and out the way. I'm pretty satisfied.
  5. IkeInTexas

    IkeInTexas Regular Member Vendor

    I tried that exact same kit for over a month and could never get comfortable with it. I generally don't like anything carried on my ankle so that may contribute to my dislike for it.

    It seemed that in order to get it to stay put, I'd have to tighten down on it pretty hard making it very uncomfortable. I wore it every day for a little over a month between 8 and 14 hours each day. Tried on both legs and for the last week or so I would swap ankles around mid day. That actually seemed to help with the irritation/ discomfort but I still wasn't wild about it.
    I carried a Dark Angel Medical Pocket IFAK, some gauze, HALOs and a CAT.

  6. ta2d_cop

    ta2d_cop Member

    I'm glad I went with the Tactical Med Solutions. Being in a plain clothes unit in the 3rd world country of New Orleans I'm carrying as much gear as I did on patrol in a Low Viz/UC mode. I already have a G42 and mag in the left ankle. The TacMedSol rig is super soft and unbelievably comfortable. I'll probably do a write up and review on it next week while I'm on vacation.
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  7. IkeInTexas

    IkeInTexas Regular Member Vendor

    I'd love to read that review. The Rici just wasn't comfortable at all for me. I may need to look into that TacMed one.

  8. ta2d I also bought a TacMedSol rig but it wasn't something I could get my simple mind around.

    TacMedSol has some VG med choices, Paul suggested them but no surprise there.

    If anyone WTB this TacMedSol rig PM me here, it's new & unused as I stayed the course w/ a pocket carried IFAK.
  9. King's_Own

    King's_Own Amateur

    Is ankle vs pocket carry a choice made strictly for the sake of concealment for your role?
    There's been a couple threads about ankle carry for IFAK and I honestly can't wrap my head around it. I think that realistically speaking I'm far more likely to be involved in an mvc and have a traumatic amputation of some sort, and every one of those I've seen has been lower leg. Seems counter productive to me to bury my stuff in gore, boots, clothing and twisted metal.
  10. ta2d_cop

    ta2d_cop Member

    The IFAK I carry on my ankle is only an "oh shit" down and dirty rig. I carry it on the ankle because I'm plain clothes and am limited in my ways to carry one all the time. I have a full blow out kit with CAT on my PC, as well as a VFAK with a throw n go IFAK and a few CATs in it.
  11. King's_Own

    King's_Own Amateur

  12. shelby edward

    shelby edward Newbie

    Good thread . I use the rescue essentials ankle rig . I wear hi socks and its very comfortable .
  13. ptrlcop

    ptrlcop Established

    Ankle IFAK is almost the only way for a plain clothes dude to carry med. Yes, you can stuff shit in your pockets. This is what I did on patrol when my pocket layout was always the same. In plain clothes, not all my pants have the same pocket arrangement which means I wouldn't have a consistent placement.

    I've been running the tac med solutions ankle kit, but it's almost worn out and I'm looking for a replacement.
  14. Simko

    Simko Newbie

    I added this ankle rig to my EDC to get the bulk out of my pocket. I have a SWAT-T, QuickClot, a hyphen chest seal and a pair of gloves in mine. Its the best way I have found to add the chest seal to my daily regiment. It bothered me for a while but I'm used to it now.

    I generally have another TQ somewhere else because the SWAT-T can be a challenge to apply to yourself.

    I have recently added a few bandaids to it as well which are more handy then one would think.

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  15. Dave_Thomas

    Dave_Thomas Amateur

    I think I've got a buddy that runs the Dark Angel Medical Pocket D.A.R.K. in an ankle configuration. So that may be an option.
  16. MojoNixon

    MojoNixon Member

    I just picked up an SFD Responder AnkleIFAK.So far it's very comfortable, stitching is good.
    I've got a CAT TQ and sharpie in one pouch, A super compressed H & H trauma bandage and super compressed gauze pack with a throw away strap cutter wedged in between in the middle pouch, and quick clot and a twin pack Hyfin compact chest seal in the third pouch. The main tab has a pair of molle attachment points so I can add an NPA and chest dart, or anything else I might think of. So far this is not like carrying a bug in an ankle rig which seems to always remind you it's there, this doesn't, it disappears and doesn't move around enough to notice. Under extreme exertion I'm sure it would move but not so much as to be detrimental.

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  17. Boxerdad214

    Boxerdad214 Newbie

    I wear my daily it’s a perfect location to keep your stuff on body [​IMG]

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  18. voodoo_man

    voodoo_man Regular Member

    Ryker nylon gear AFAK first
    then activity group ankle kit second.
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