Angled Leather Pistol Mag Pouch

Evening Y'all

Recently I've been looking into getting angled magazine pouches for my work belt to clear my vest. (Think 40 Degree Kywi's.) The issue I'm running in to is Esstac only makes basketweave pouches and I've come up dry on my google fu. I've also looked into single mag pouches that I can mount to an angled adapter like the Shaw concepts one but haven't found anything. Has anyone found a leather pouch that's molle backed, compatible with teklok, or a company that'll leather wrap kydex?
I've also got an email into Esstac to see if I can do a custom order.


I'm pretty sure that Esstac has done plain leather pouches in the past (maybe limited runs). I even remember someone doing a review of them in plain leather on Lightfighter back probably 8 years ago.

As far as having them wrapped, I tihnk RDRGear has leather wraps on holsters in the past and could probably do magazine pouches.


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This has a leather look but hybrid construction:
Emailed Esstac who told me that they were having some supply issues and have no projected date for leather Kywi's. Ended up ordering 2 angled kydex pouches from Midwest Tactical and a roll of fake leather from amazon. I went with the Midwest ones cause they look clean and simple to wrap. In addition, the depth looks good enough to retain 21 round sig mags. Now to see if I can sneak it past my Captain.... We'll see.