Victory First
We are a group of current or retired Law Enforcement and Military Snipers that volunteer our time to raise money through several fund raising vehicles to get gear to deployed snipers or snipers in a pre-deployment status.

Each individual that requests kit has to fill out a form that gives us all of the pertinent information to vet that person and ensure he is who he says he is and who he is attached to.
We have a LONG standing relationship with the military sniper schoolhouses, and most of us are know throughout the community.

We raise money through raffles of items donated to us, or items we procure and in turn take in money for those items.

We are a 501(c)3 non- profit organization in our 11th year of doing this work. Not one of us has EVER received any money from this endeavor, nor will we. EVERY dollar funds the snipers in the global war on terror.