American Confederation of Tactical Shooters 2 gun

Evidently these guys are affiliated with Ian and Karl over at Inrangetv and put on a match similar to their 2 gun action challenge.

The place the hold the matches is up in battle creek Michigan and I just signed up for their April match. Anyone here ever shoot an ACTS match in Michigan? Anything weird about their rules? Any idea on how many magazines to bring?

Also if any P&S guys in the chicagoland or northern Indiana area want to go I will be happy to carpool.
I'm not familiar with them, got a link?

I very much like the 2G-ACM that Ian and Karl have been doing, I was doing something similar before they started talking about it, but it was a 3-gun event (pistol, carbine, shotgun) I've since expanded it to being a 3/4 gun event. The major problem for me, is that being in california, there's a lot of modifications that need to be made to guns in order to keep them legal, and the AR being the dominant platform amplifies this problem.

As such, I've been moving over to a 3-gun format of Pistol, Precision Rifle, and Shotgun. This kinda keeps it fair for everyone, and keeps people out of trouble.