Altama OTB on duty

Has anyone used OTB's in a uniformed capacity? I'm looking for a new pair of summer boots (my other ones aren't worth decontaminating) and I was looking to see if they're worth it on the street.
Also, can the toe cap be polished?
Also accepting recommendations for black polishable summer boots.


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OTB toes could probably be armor-all shined since they are rubber but not sure if that would fly with your admin.

I've got a pair of danner tachyon boots and I really like them. They are waterproof, polish-able and relatively cool as black waterproof boots go. They've held up for a few years and are pretty light wearing. Not quite like a pair of running shoes but again very nice as waterproof duty boots go. Waterproof > heat shedding for me.

If waterproof doesn't matter and the toe is acceptable to admin you can have my jealousy over wearing the OTBs...
I have worn them, and even with armour all they don't really shine like a leather boot with polish. they do however have a decent "buffed" look, Clean and black. They worked out pretty well, however I prefer and wear a pair of Lowa Elite jungle boots. They're much heavier duty and re-soleable while not being any hotter than the OTB.