Alliance Police Dept Facility


Bird's Eye View
Visited this place for an EAG shoothouse and Sentinel LLVCQB. Amazing facility ran by an awesome department. A couple photos of the ranges:

Finally made it to the Alliance PD Range last Fall. Running a law enforcement range myself.......I can say that what they have accomplished there ALL agencies large and small should aspire to do. Great people and awesome facility.

Alliance Police Training Facility has...

360 Deg Live fire shoot house with a full length catwalk
50+ yard square range with paved and gravel lanes with the ability to shoot paper targets or steel
300 yard range with with the ability to shoot paper targets or steel
Fully equipped for Mechanical, Ballistic, Thermal, and Explosive Breaching including appropriate training stations
Two classroom equipped with audio and visual equipment
Aircraft Simulator
Ability to shoot vehicles and conduct vehicle CQB
Full kitchen for student use with commercial ice machine
Modern his/hers restrooms with climate control, flush toilets
Full Military grade, Class 5, climate controlled vault
Shooting can occur 24 hours a day 7 days a week
Multiple operational structures in town for UTM training

We also provide loaner equipment if requested and you can purchase ammo and UTM on site.

Please visit our updated website for upcoming classes and visit us on Facebook.

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