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Discussion in 'Suppressors' started by Pat Tarrant, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. Pat Tarrant

    Pat Tarrant Custom testicles Network Supporter

    Are AE/Ops Inc suppressors still a vaible design compared to more modern designs? I'm thinking of putting together a 11.5" SBR that'll be run fairly consistently with a can, and I'm really liking the AEM2 (Ops M4-M) design, as it only adds 2.5" of length past the muzzle device, and is reasonably light weight (under 15 oz). I know the attachment method is dated, and the bigger cans will suppress better, but I'm more worried about a good compromise between sound and size/weight, and less worried about absolute hearing safe operation.

    I've considered getting other designs too, Surefire, Silencerco, Griffin, Dead Air, etc. It seems like the AE/Ops cans are still pretty good to go, accepting their mounting limitations.

    Thoughts / opinions?
  2. nate89

    nate89 Regular Member

    I was talking to a major suppressor manufacturer (who will remain nameless as I haven't asked permission to post his info) about reflex-style suppressors. The major points

    Pro -less OAL gain
    -can be better for reducing backpressure due to a larger blast chamber

    Con -less efficient compared to more traditional offerings given the same size and weight
    -not as effective sound suppression-wise (understanding that often a quieter muzzle noise means more backpressure and can be louder at the shooter's ear, especially for a lefty, like me.)

    I have no experience with Ops Inc., but I have a fair amount of time with the AMTAC suppressors, and have tried them side-by-side cans from SiCi, Dead Air, Thunderbeast, and OSS. I find the pro and con list to be fairly accurate in my experience. Usually AMTAC will tuck their cans under a larger diameter handguard (like a JP). Even on their 9mm carbine, it still got hot enough that I couldn't hold it without a glove. Granted that was a post sample full auto, but the 223 was even hotter.

    Having already said I have no personal experience with Ops Inc, I can say that the various mini 556 cans (sakerK, socom mini, m4sd-k, etc.) have all been a good compromise for me on sound/flash suppression, blowback, OAL and weight increase vs. handling. I would also take a serious look at any of those models as another potential option.
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