Accuracy International AX SERIES

I was wondering if the AI Series - especially the AX and AT rifles in .308 Winchester would be "well worth the money"...

Has anyone here spent an appreciable amount of time behind one?

I know they are rugged (and heavy) but do they shoot appreciably better than (and barrels that last longer than), say, a properly bedded FNHUSA SPR bolt gun.

I believe Accuracy International is the top tier bolt action rifle that all others strive to be.
The AI AT rifle is going to give you the "quick change" barrel capability. The two barrels I would personally choose is .308 and 6.5 creedmore. You can order this set up at Mile High Shooting.
I've never shot a AI rifle that wasn't a sub MOA shooter.
Is the AI going to be more accurate than a _______? Maybe, maybe not. Look, there are more accurate rifles out in the world than AI rifles. However I'll trade a little accuracy for dependability any day of the week. Custom guns with super tight tolorances tank out in the field under shitty to normal conditions. My AI chugs along when others fail.
My personal AI MKII rifle (which I have no reason to "upgrade") is boringly accurate and reliable.

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We dumped all of our remington 700's a few years ago and went w/AI's for all 12 of our snipers. Boone's statement pretty much covers it....."My personal AI MKII rifle (which I have no reason to "upgrade") is boringly accurate and reliable."

We will start next year to replace two barrels every year based on when and how the guns we recieved came in over a 4 year time frame just to keep ahead of the game while keeping all of the guns operational.
Freaking loving it!!

I got a pre-'14 model AX. I cannot justify $7k for the AX with the quick change barrel and RHS-folding buttstock.

I really would like the quick change barrel but...

Will exercise it over the Christmas Holidays.

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If you have the cash, AI is the company to go with. My agency has AX 308 rifles for our whole team and when I went to basic sniper school, I saw how advantageous a high quality rifle could be. Nobody else's gun came close to performing as reliably accurate.

I would suggest a high quality ammo if you do go with the AI. We use Ruag Swiss P Styx for our open air bullet. The cool thing about this ammo, is their AP and tactical round (barricade penetrator...mostly glass) is ballistically matched to the open air bullet to 300 yards, so your dope is the same even though the bullets have different weights.

I also agree with Boone about Mile High...great company with amazing customer service.
I've shot a number of AIs, which a couple of friends own, both ATs and AXs in 6.5 Creed and .308. To expand on Boone's comment of "boringly accurate and reliable", they're almost pointless to shoot at a 100-yards -- which is all we had. Almost. Spuhr mounts and Schmidt scopes. With that kind of money, there really isn't anything else in the way of beating an AI.
I would echo all that the others have said. Frankly, the only reason NOT to get an AI is because of cost or you want a stock and not a chassis style stock. You gain several valuable features like the quick change barrels and short, double stacked mags. I have a left handed AT I also bought from Mile High and it never fails to impress. Just this spring I got a 6XC barrel spun up and delivered to my door. I threaded it on to the action, loaded some ammo and went shooting. The I took it off, switched to .308 and adjusted my zero and kept shooting. The modularity is pretty handy. As far as cost goes, if you want a full blown custom rifle you're looking at the $3k-$4k price point anyway, so you are already in the ballpark of the AT.

Hope it helps. I promise an AI will not disappoint you.