AAR: Condition Red 1 Day Medical - Human Cadaver Lab (4/30/21) *GRAPHIC CONTENT*

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About The Instructor

I first met Chris and Detective Mongo of the NYPD over 10 years ago (!!!) while hosting Jason Falla (Redback One) for a carbine class.

At the time Chris was collaborating with Jason on training projects IIRC.

We reconnected recently at one of his TECC classes earlier this Spring.

Chris has an extensive background as a civilian paramedic in NYC. He's actually performed several of the procedures we went over during the lab (example: ~70 career cricothryotomies or something like that).

He instructs Naval Special Warfare personnel and US Air Force Pararescue in TCCC.

Here is his bio:

Christopher Van Houten

Owner and Director of Training / Condition Red, Inc.

Chris is a nationally registered critical care paramedic with 25+ years of New York City Emergency Medical Service experience.

Chris served as Northeast (Region 1) faculty for the Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) program, the pre-hospital battlefield medicine course used by all branches of the U.S. military as well as NATO. He instructs TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) and TECC (Tactical Emergency Casualty Care) courses for local, municipal, and federal high-risk law enforcement teams, as well as branches of the Department of Defense. Part of his obligation as faculty for PHTLS and TCCC is providing oversight, instructor development, and training site evaluations.

Additionally, Chris provides instruction for new and re-certifying EMT’s and Paramedics. He is also responsible for delivering a Paramedic recertification course for the SOF community, specifically AFSW and NSW, as well as designing custom FMPs and PreDeployment Spinups. Additional instructor certifications include, but are not limited to, EVOC precision and performance driving, NAEMT PHTLS, AMLS & EMS Safety Programs, AHA BCLS, ACLS, PALS, and FEMA general topics instruction. He is also a contracted Wilderness Medicine Instructor.

Chris provides medical support for numerous local and federal law enforcement agencies. He is currently assisting in developing and delivering custom tactical and austere medical programs for the DoD, Law Enforcement, and EMS agencies that are in the process of developing and enhancing tactical medical response elements. Additionally, he has created “team medical support” training with occupational health components and extended care considerations.

Lastly, he remains an active pre-hospital clinician providing quality interfacility and 911 specific care.


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Thank you for posting this.
That this sort of training is available is simply awesome.

Part of me would love to participate in this, but the realist in me assumes there’s a bloody good chance of puking my ring up or passim out…
LOL. One of the students (an RN if I remember correctly) was eating her lunch in the clean room/classroom about 10 feet away from the donor.

I'm throwing up in my mouth just thinking about it.
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