9mm Revolvers

Pat Tarrant

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I've done a little researching and I know there are not a lot of options out there. However, with 9mm being pretty well stocked at home, and traditional rimmed pistol cartridges hard to come by in the ammo crunch of 2020-2023, a revolver in 9mm has a lot of appeal.

Outside of the normal need for moon clips, what other disadvantages, advantages, or issues have people encountered with 9mm wheel guns? Have you had any experience with particular models that you'd recommend or recommend against?


Im in the exact same boat today- actually looking at the LCR in 9mm. Lucky Gunner Lounge had a pretty good review/roll up of the 9mm revolver stuff as well.


Anyone have good data on muzzle velocity in 9mm snubbies opposed to their traditional rimmed cartridges? I get the impression that .357 Magnum is loaded with slower powders for >4" barrels, while .38 Special +P still isn't performing as well as 9mm in a similar barrel. Unfortunately all I have to work with is Lucky Gunner data, which really isn't meant for such comparisons.