7.62 cans - KAC vs SOCOM-762?


Network Support III
Relatively soon, I'll be picking up an SR-25 (16" barrel). Shortly after, I'll order a can for it as I intend to run it suppressed almost exclusively. The only can I have right now is a SOCOM556-RC2, and I've come to the conclusion that I need at least 1 more of those and a couple of the Minis for my 5.56 guns. What is the opinion of the brain trust on which cans to use on a 7.62 gun semi-auto rifle? Surefire, Knights? For surefire, SOCOM-762RC2 or mini? For Knights, which can?

Instinctively, I might say Knights gun, knights can; however the SF can means that in a pinch, I could toss the 7.62 can on a second 5.56 rifle if needed.