5.56 good for hogs?

I’m wanting to go hog hunting in AL. My question is, is 5.56 good for killing hogs I’m ok if it isn’t 1 shot one kill, hit em with lead and hit em again. Also if it is what are some good rounds I’ve been told the boar buster is a good round from freedom munitions they just stay sold out. And finally i have 3 ARs 2 of em have 16” barrels and the other is an ar pistol is 12.5 gun. Is it worth taking the ar pistol down there? I’ve been told it’s mostly woods and 100 going be where most shots will be taken. Any knowledge be greatly appreciated.
Absolutely fine for hogs. Used 5.56 exclusively in SE GA on pigs for a few years doing night thermal hunts. Used 55gr Hornady TAP and 64gr Gold Dot. Worked great. Lower recoil- quick follow ups on the piglets after you smack a sow.

Havent put it on hogs myself- guys are getting great results with 55 gr TSX solid coppers.

Ill see if I can find some old video- but solid hits yielded great results. Also- in open fields surrounded by farms I much preferred it over my SR25. A lot of stalk to 100yards- and aet up on tripods and sticks. Good times and great training.
Iv found that with 556 rounds there is less room for error in shot placement. iv used it on smaller hogs 100 pounds or less with good results with 55gr. Freedom munitions has a 64gr 223 round that is pretty deadly. stick to neck shots and you should be fine. I live in Oklahoma and most of the guy around here use 300blk,7.62x39, and 308 for hog eradication.


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62gr Gold Dot has produced good results in the past on hogs for me. Just try to go for neck and brain shots.
I used 62g TSX out of a 10.5" BBL for a while in GA and AL. Works exceptionally well. I usually went for head shots, but these rounds are more than capable for body shots as well.
5.56 works fine on the smaller hogs with proper shot placement. My veterans group sponsors hog hunts in TX and LA. Most of the guys are shooting 300BO or 7.62x51. We bring home a lot of hogs and feed the needy in our area.