.300 Blackout


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Just to clarify, are you referring to the actual bullet (for reloads)? Or do they make .300 TTSX ammo with blue tip?
Ben, I was talking about the bullets, not loaded ammo. For those of us who load our own, there are several choices in 110gr Barnes bullets, and they are not all appropriate for the 300 Blk.
I live in Oklahoma and our hunting regs are that you need at least a 55gr bullet. The 223 cal hunting loads in my own experience are not adequate for medium/large game. 300 blackout was intriguing to me because of its compatibility with my existing platforms. So I built a 300 blackout rifle.....

Here is my own conclusion based upon this endeavor.

1. 30 caliber has a long history of good terminal effect.
2. I don’t like wearing ear pro when stalking in order to gain situational awareness. So I shoot supressed. Supressed 223/556 still isn’t that “quiet.”
3. It’s a good terminal round out to about 200-250 yards. (150 gr Winchester and the Lehigh loads are good as well.)
4. It doubles at a HD rifle because of reason 2, if shot inside my family won’t be totally deaf granted it will still be loud.
5. Subs are only good for the gram and impressing dudes on the range.

I think Valparaiso SWAT is considering adoption???

This extrapolated into how it would preform on a human target. I would assume it will perform well in that aspect. Is it the rifle/caliber I would want if I was clearing houses and shooting across valleys, no. However in certain rolls it fits the bill, even if it isn’t the “best all around” round available.

Not trying to sound fudd-ish just offering another perspective.