.300 blackout optics and recommendations


What are you guys using for optics on your .300 blk guns. I’ve recently purchased a solgw .300 blackout pistol and was optic shopping seeing what was out there and what people are using it’s only a 10.5 barrel so long range this gun is not. It’ll be primarily used for hunting but I’d still like to be able to grab it if my door was busted open at 2am. Lmk what y’all running and recommend! Thanks in advance.


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One wears a T2. One wears an Accupoint 1-4x. The T2 does 90%. I like the 4x for hunting though.

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With the t2 how u set it far as zeroing it for subs and supers or u just run one or the other?

To be honest, it depends on how far you intend to shoot. Beyond 100 it’s a crapshoot.

On my 1-4x, I keep note that it’s a zero of 4 1/2 MOA of elevation and 1 right to compensate for the shift. I can almost aim with the bottom corner of the triangle and make hits.

With the T2, I consider it a 50 yard and in rifle with Subs. I zero cutting the difference at 50, which is like 3 1/2” of pure vertical. I’ve never missed steel plates with either gun switching between subs and supers without changing zero.

As always, this is very load dependent and dependent on barrel lengths too. I shoot 110 gr Barnes mostly with my RDS equipped .300 and 208gr Hornady handloads for subs. This gun serves more of a PDW type roll.

The other I shoot the same sub load, 150 gr handloads, and 120 gr Noslers for hunting.

Of course every load has its own zero.

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Bushnell SMRS SMRS 1-6.5x24mm (ET1626). Illuminated, mil/mil with also a weird BDC/ring reticle all my friends hate but it's fine. I have a little chart for how it drops with the subs I mostly shoot through it so I can hold over and fire pretty effectively, though in theory I can dial also.

Not terrible at all at 1x as a run-and-gun action carbine. Zoomed in it is quite good out to what I've declared the effective range, around 250 yds. I mostly shoot closer though.

Also works well, especially at middling zooms, with the clipon. Which it what mine is set up to be: a silent sniper. Relatively range, almost totally quiet. It's hilarious fun in that mode.