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.224 Valkyrie Uses

Discussion in 'Rifles, Optics & Accessories' started by Chaucer, Jan 31, 2018.

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    I have done some due dilligence on this new federal offering, but by no means am a ballistics guru. I thought this might just be a competition round, but seeing SOLGW put up an upper made me rethink. So I offer it up to the P&S:

    Does .224 Valkyrie have any potential applications for mil/le? Is this a round that only makes sense punching paper past 800 yards, or is it the grendel-creedmoor-spr killer for AR pattern precision rifles?

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  2. I'm still waiting on the truer, impartial numbers to come out. I know Federal's initial marketing assertions are using a 24" barrel and likely not sea-level atmospherics. If it can stay above transonic (1340ish fps) to 1000y with a 20" barrel in my AO, it might excite me for personal use.

    As far as LE is concerned, I see no point to it over well-selected 5.56. While Federal has diversity in their current 5 or 6 ammo offerings, but that's all there is. There's plenty of support for the myriad of 5.56 duty ammo out there and scores of suitable factory 5.56 offerings. If I as an LE sniper am banking on an 800+ yard shot with either a 5.56 or .224 gas gun, then things are wrong. Even with my bolt guns...that defies all the stats on sniper shoots and would be a record. To muck with the logistics of integrating something like, it has to have the support and reason to replace something like 5.56 or 308...I just don't see it for the .224 Valk for the LE sniper mission envelope.

    FWIW, Frank Galli and some PRS types seem to dig the .224 Valk, but mind you they don't mind excessively long barrels and match components that may not carry over to duty grade weapons. This leads me to believe that there is something there to work with to at least some degree.

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