2017 ZSA/ 37 PSR/ H-3 Vet-Am Benefit Match

A friend of mine John from ZSA is putting on this match.


When — All day long 0900-1800-Veteran’s Day- 11 NOV 17

Where — 37PSR range 1333 Loop Road Bunnlevel, NC 28323

Who — Benifit match to help H3 (www.H-Three.org) who is committed to providing emotional support and service, through highly trained canine companions, to assist Combat Era Veterans suffering from PTSD and other service connected ailments regain the quality of life they once knew.

Benefit shooting event with ALL proceeds going to H-3, an organization that provides service dogs, at NO COST, to Combat Vets in need. Please visit www.H-three.org to learn more about them.

The event will take place at 37PSR- a Veteran owned shooting and training facility in Bunnlevel, NC., just a few miles from Ft. Bragg. Please visit www.37psr.com for more info on the range.

The shooting match has been designed and will be managed by ZSA, Zombie Shooters Association, a Veteran owned shooting sport. Please visit www.zombieshootersassociation.com for more info on the sport. All weapons for the event are being provided by ZSA and 37PSR for the competitors to use.

All ammo for the event is being graciously provided by Defender Ammunition Company, a Veteran owned company (anyone starting to notice a trend here?).

The main shooting event will consist of 5 unique stages of fire, where each 4 man FIRE TEAM will shoot a wide variety of weapons to handle the “Zombie threat”. The time it takes for the FIRE TEAM to shoot the stage, plus any added penalty time, will be the TEAM’s score, times from all 5 stages will be combined, and the FIRE TEAM with the lowest total time will be the winner. Failing to “kill” a Zombie is a 5 second penalty, 10 seconds for failing to eliminate an Infected target and 10 second penalty for each hit on a non-Zombie uninfected target. Sounds complicated but it’s not, very simple, SHOOT FAST AND DON’T MISS!!!