2 point slings recommendations and go..

I’m currently looking for another 2 point sling for my second AR. I have a magpul padded sling on my main ar and i love it. I just wanted some recommendations on other 2 point slings just to see if there is anything better.

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I'm partial to the SOB Tactical B-Sling, but the Proctor Sling is a good alternative. Edgar Sherman Design also make a very simple sling.

I do have a Centrifuge Training Sling (made by Sierra Tac) and I'm not a fan. While it works as advertised, it's very bulky when folded.
I have two Blue Force Gear Vickers Slings. One is padded, the other is not. Kinda like the not padded one more. They are well constructed and hold up. The adjustment buckle glides really well and it's very fast to loosen and cinch. I also have a Proctor sling. I'm still using it, but haven't decided if I like it or not. It is definitely a minimalist sling, and not needing additional mounting hardware is nice. It's also super lightweight and thin. The adjustment isn't as smooth as the Vickers Sling though.

We have Magpul MS3 slings on all the pool rifles. I don't like them, but YMMV. They seem too "clunky" if that makes sense. I'm sure it's because they're 1 or 2 point adjustable. We have them on the pool guns, because some people absolutely refuse to see the 2 point light.
I use the Centrifuge sling. I've also used the Proctor sling and the VCAS padded and non-padded slings. The ultimate sling would be a Centrifuge with the heavier VCAS webbing and sewn-in QD swivels. I like the metal adjuster on the Centrifuge/Sierratac slings and I think the Centrifuge hook is currently the best rack storage solution. The thin webbing on the Proctor and Sierratac slings twist easily which can be a problem when shouldering the sling in a hurry. If I didn't have to worry about storing it in a rack I'd probably stick with the VCAS (unpadded over armor, padded without).
I am/was a heavy BFG vcas sling proponent. I dig their simplicity in adjustment and use the non-padded for most things unless it's a heavy gun like a 416 or SPR. The thick webbing is harder to contain compared to some others when wrapped/contained at the stock for storage or vehicle use. It's harder yet with the padded. While not a huge issue, it may matter to some more than others.

Hated all the other models of the time that would have a tail/excessive slack trailing that the VCAS didn't have. It seems that others have caught and eliminated that.

I'll second what was noted in a recent AAR in that they aren't very good for sling-aided shooting techniques without switching my attachment points forward.
Used the regular old VTAC 2 point for 3 deployments and somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 years and over 100,000 rounds with no issues. Our unit had probably a thousand plus of them on our rifles and I never saw a single issue with one. Maybe there's newer and better out there now but my personal and patrol rifle still wear one.


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Edgar Sherman Design.......hands down the best sling I have ever used........no stupid tail at all.

I use them on all my work and personal rifles.


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I use the VCAS slings on everything. For many things, I'm liking the VCAS Medic slings when they're available. But I have a couple of the padded slings I can swap out easily if I know beforehand the padding may be useful. (As others have said, heavier rifle or if whatever the mission were would have me humping the gun for a longer distance.)

Oak City Tactics

I have a single VCAS mainly because it went on a HK and most closely replicated the look of the HK factory 3 point but in a better design.

That being said I’ve always used VIking Tactics. Over on my IG I explain it a little better but it’s science. Only free running end designs like VIking Tactics, Lead Faucet, or the SOB sling have the unlimited length of adjustment needed for every scenario from cinched so tight you can’t breath to hanging the rifle at your waist. Just yesterday I used one during tripod shooting. In that case you attach the rear end of the sling to your belt and get the correct tension. You just can’t do that with any of the others they are nowhere near long enough to do that and be adjusted correctly for other tasks. There is a much shorter limit of adjustment. Need to bend over to handle or search a suspect? You need to be able to tighten it so tight it can’t slide off a smack them. Same goes for casualty or climbing.

Now you can adjust the others to get that tight but then they are not long enough to do some of the other things. I will get the numbers for you in a little bit and post them. It’s science. Most folks get turned off by the free running end but that’s the secret sauce. In over a decade of professional use in thousands of operations and tens of thousands of hours of shooting evolutions the free running end as Pat says about the safety it has always been an enabler, never a disabler. Ironically he gave me my first Vtac although now he uses VCAS.

Oak City Tactics

The VCAS has 9.5” of adjustment. It’s just a limitation of any sling that doubles back on itself in the adjustment process. The first Viking Tactics one I grabbed on a random full size rifle was set at 27” of adjustment. If you are not in the business of putting boot to but for the country or handling suspects or similar that may not be your needs. For an everyday range, hunting, or target shooting sling the VCAS unpadded would be a great sling. If you do those other things or find yourself in and out of armor or other kit you need the adjustment. If you buy a VTAC watch Kyles video on how to use it. It’s one of his first and least flashy but it’s very important information. I see sling ignorance all the time when training and working with cops. I could teach a day on how to get the most out of the sling.