18650 cases

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Torn between posting here or in preparedness but it’s related to light batteries. I’m looking for a storage case for 18650 batteries. I’d prefer it hold 4. I’m thinking the small translucent style? I’ve tried Amazon and the set I got is for 18650’s but doesn’t fit mine. There seems to be several classes of the battery. Protected and non protected as well as flat topped and I guess the kind I have with the nipple on the positive end. Anyone have success with a specific model? It’s tough to tell from all the Amazon reviews what style are in the pictures supplied. I’d like to do it right once.
My Nitecore button top protected 18650’s came with a case very similar to the 2 cell version linked above. Only difference I can see is mine has 2 locking tabs as opposed to one.
not much to tell... it’s a case designed to hold 2 and that’s exactly what it does.


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Not using 18650s mostly, but for the 123 and AA I do carry in bulk, I love the Storacell. Have done others, they break over time,

Or leak. For waterproof, I just put a the Storacell in a plastic bag. If it looks sketchy, throw it away. Easier than yet another thing to inspect, grease seals on, etc. And, small and light.