1301 Tactical Sling Setup?

So I’ve had a 1301 tactical (amazing shotgun) and I’m running the Nordic plus two tube with the clamp but with the factory beretta butt stock. I’m struggling to find a good solution to run a sling, obviously up front I can attach a QD cup but on the butt stock I just have the factory swivel stud attachment mounted at the bottom of the stock.
Also the Aridus adapter for the Malik stock is out of stock. Any suggestions for my current set up until I can switch over to the Aridus/magpul setup?


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I use a Proctor sling with my 1301 but I have the Mesa tactical stock on the rear. I use the side sling munt built into it. Blue Force Gear makes a m16 conversion sling attachment piece for the rear, you may be able to us eit or something similar to side mount.


I am working on a sling setup for my 1301 (LTT) as well.

I started out with the Nordic Components QD adapter. It is a free spinning type which causes the sling to twist. I personnally can’t stand free spinning QDs on my guns so its a no go.

I have had good success with the fixed loop style front mounts on my Rem 870 (Wilson +1 extension) but I have not found one marketed to the 1301.

John Correia from Active Self Protection has some videos on Youtube with a 1301 QD swivel front sling plate under a nordic extension. He said its from The Wilderness. It slips over the mag tube under the mag tube cap/nordic extension.

The Wilderness website only shows one like this for a Mossberg 930 and it appears to be made by GG&G. I am waiting to hear back from The Wilderness and GG&G for clairifcation. I’ll post what I find.

The QD is a luxury for me. If someone made a decent sling loop out of sheet metal that I could stuff under the mag tub cap I’d have bought it yesterday.

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