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1-4/5/6/8 question

Discussion in 'Rifles, Optics & Accessories' started by Pat Tarrant, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. Yeah, not a fan AT ALL of any of the Horus options for any reason...pretty much leaves the Mil-R for most of their stuff since I don't do MOA
  2. I've heard the rumors for the NF 1-8x for over 6 months. While I'm sure it's in the works, it's likely that we won't see it until SHOT 2018 or 2019. Much like the BEAST, take the announced distribution start date and add at least 6 months to calculate your wait time.

    Having run numerous LPVOs, with the last one I owned being a Leupold Mark6 1-6x CMR-W 7.62, I've come to the conclusion that FFP is worthless in an optic under ~10x. People use their scopes at 1x and at max magnification. SFP scopes have better illumination, and a reticle that is visible when it needs to be.

    I was on the fence about the Trijicon 1-8x also, but I got hands-on and was convinced that it was not what I wanted. As you pointed out, the reticle gets in the way for precision follow-up shots and calling corrections. The illumination is sufficient for 1x CQB use, but I've seen better.

    The Vortex Razor HD Gen2 1-6x has been the standard by which all other LPVOs have been judged. Great glass, RDS-bright illumination, durable and acceptable price. There are numerous optics that offer you a very good option. Optics like the Leupold VX-6/VX-6HD 1-6x FireDot, Burris XTR-II 1-5x (same tech as Steiner, just lower level of glass), Trijicon AccuPoint 1-6x and 1-4x and AccuPower 1-4x, Vortex Viper PST Gen2 1-6x, Meopta MeoStar 1-4x or MeoStar R2 1-6x, Kahles K16i and Steiner T5Xi. As you know, some of those are up in the $1500-2k range, like the Kahles. I have used a Kahles K16i, and it's probably the best LPVO on the market with a massive eye box, huge FOV, daylight visible illum, and amazing glass.

    Short of spending the money on a Dual Focal Plane (DFP) scope, don't mess with FFP LPVOs. I would recommend that you look into a SFP scope. Look for used scopes as they come up on sites like SnipersHide and AR15.com. You can actually get some great optics for reasonable prices. Otherwise, if you qualify for LE or MIL pricing, start contacting companies and get their pricing guidelines. If not, there are several vendors on SnipersHide that offer moderate discounts to members of that forum.
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  3. Arete

    Arete Member

    For LEOs, another consideration is how much the adjustment knobs protrude from the body the scope, will it fit in the locking rack in your patrol car?

    My Meopta ZD 1-4 will not.
  4. Pat Tarrant

    Pat Tarrant Custom testicles Network Supporter

    So, having discussed and looked at various options, at length, and possibly overanalyzing, I ended up selling to Trij 1-8 to another member and ordering a Vudu 1-6 from Ike. Needing to pick up another mount, but hope to have things back together next week for a shakedown. I won't have ability to test past 100 yards, but I'll post opinions here based off initial observations and testing.
  5. What pushed you to the Vudu?
  6. Pat Tarrant

    Pat Tarrant Custom testicles Network Supporter

    Talking to Fisher and he had a lot of positive things to say. I already knew that I wouldn't be happy with the Razors weight (same as the Trij 1-8).

    I also got it for a good price, so if I don't end up liking it after a while, I should be able to sell for not much more than I have into it.

    I was saving for a Kahles, and had enough to snag one on DVOR, but I also figured that the Kahles money would be enough to get me a Voodo PLUS most of the way to my first suppressor. I figured that a good optic plus a suppressor trumped a really good optic
  7. I just ask because I tried one out and the illumination was not as bright as I was expecting.
  8. 22Mike

    22Mike Newbie Network Supporter

    How's the voodoo working out for you

  9. Pat Tarrant

    Pat Tarrant Custom testicles Network Supporter

    I've got my initial impressions up on a separate thread (https://primaryandsecondary.com/forum/index.php?threads/eotech-vudu-1-6-first-impressions.3172/). I haven't really had a chance to run it since my initial trip with it. I'm hoping to get it out again soon. I don't have easy access to a range that allows me to do much with multiple targets or ranges past 100 yards, so I'm going to be kind of limited until I can get to a class. I do plan to bring it with me to the FOP weekend in August.

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