02/20-24/2017 Tap Rack Pistol Instructor, Flathead County, MT

Matt Landfair

Matt Six Actual
Staff member
The instructor course covers everything in the user course, but with a focus on being an instructor. In addition to shooting, we cover case law, weapon and accessory selection, safe range practices, setting standards and forcing your students to get the most out of their training.


Information covered:

Poignant safety rules

Natural transitions in content with intros

Relaxing watch

Natural and accurate cinematography

Use of sirt pistol in demo

Teaching a class to students – not providing a shot for the camera

Pistol Instructor Equipment List


Duty Pistol with 1500 rounds of ammunition, 50 duty rounds

3 magazines minimum.

Appropriate duty belt with mag pouches. (SWAT or patrol belt)

Duty belt set up for YOUR support side. I recommend just mounting a support side holster to your normal belt that fits the same handgun.

Body armor.

Eye and Ear Protection

Ball Cap

Clothing appropriate for weather conditions, NO SHORTS!

Note taking material (Notebooks are provided)

Five (5) of YOUR department qualification targets

Weapon cleaning equipment

Tools/parts necessary to repair your pistol if it breaks

SIMUNITION pistol and 50 rounds of marking cartridges.

Department Policies on firearms and training, if any.

Department qualification course(s) of fire.


Knee and elbow pads

Spare gun(s)

Spare batteries for optics and lights

Laptop for completing class assignments.

Video camera

***Mil/LE Only***