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    AAR: Condition Red 1 Day Medical - Human Cadaver Lab (4/30/21) *GRAPHIC CONTENT*

    This is a longish post so I am breaking this up into about 20 separate posts. Please note the graphic content warning ... some pictures and videos to follow.
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    Condition Red 1 Day Medical - Human Cadaver Lab - Fri, Apr 30, 2021 - BOSTON, MA

    Hands-on medical with actual (deceased) human bodies. This is unique opportunity to get as real-world as you can (safely) in a clinical setting under the instruction of a pro who teaches TCCC to our military. I'm told this is being held at cost (cadavers are expensive). This is also comparably...
  3. hooahmedic

    Hanger / Dangler Med Kit

    Howdy y'all! I'm back in uniform full time and doing more medical for my little agency. Been out of the business full time for several years and I"m looking for options. I'm looking for options for a hanger / dangler / abdominal med kit for my plate carrier. I'm searching for one that has...
  4. N

    Med Bag

    Gents, I have gone through 4 bags now and I can’t seem to find something that works. I currently run a Eberlestock Operator which is great, highly recommend if you are required to carry a long gun and something that is a little more agile. Any who normally we have another bag within the team...