1. Papabear2547

    New gat, who dis?

    Just wanted to show off an agency m&p I just put a Holosun 509t on along side a skallywag privateer, modlite plh, and tq
  2. B

    Ideal front BUIS height?

    I'm looking for recommendations with regards to choosing the height of the front plain black BUIS on a Glock 19 Gen 5 MOS with a Holosun 508T, the rear sight seems to be a standard .395" across the board in terms of Dawson Precision, Ameriglo 429 and 10-8 Performance Sights. The Ameriglo 429...
  3. S

    Holosun 507C V2

    I, failing to read properly, ordered the new Holosun 507C V2 instead of the well proven original version. While I do welcome the change to a slide out battery tray, I am concerned that this is a new optic and as such may have new issues. A few distressing reports of dead units can be found on...