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Veritac Global – Multi-Weapon Operations | Small Teams – Abbotsford BC

May 18, 2018 @ 18:30 - May 21, 2018 @ 16:00 PDT


This is a combined 3.5 Day course focusing on skills refresher and advanced skill development for professional users of semi-auto pistol, rifle, and shotgun (optional). Covers techniques adopted by special operation forces in maintenance, loading, reloading and clearing procedures, malfunctions, transitions, shooting on the move, from cover, from barrier, and marksmanship that include proper sight picture, mechanical offset, rifle manipulation, safety, shooting stance, and body position. Small Team module covers fundamentals and some advanced techniques for teams operating in dismounted roles. Use of static vehicles as a base for exfil and cover may be expected. As an adjunct to this, individual and buddy first aid will also be covered.

Some of the major topics covered will include:
AR15, Pistol, and Shotgun Series
– Weapon and Equipment Selection
– Loading, Reloading and Clearing Procedures
– Marksmanship Fundamentals with an AR series rifle
– Advanced Rifle Employment

Back-to-Basics: confirm zero, malfunctions, marksmanship and stance
– Sequence of Events for Planning a Dismounted Team Movement
– Elements Common to all Dismounted Team Movements
– Movement Formations and breaking contact with VIP
– Movement Techniques
– Danger Areas
– Reconnaissance
– Movement to Contact
– Engaging a single target with scanning
– Engaging multiple targets and scanning
– Breaking contact (2, 4 and 8 man teams)
– Aussie Peel
– Tracking Patrol
– Control Bleeding, Tourniquet application
– Dressing application, Wound Packing

Evening 0.5
– Intro of Instructors/students
– Be able to identify, prioritize, and treat life threatening injuries
– Understand what should be included in a first aid kit
– Control Bleeding | Tourniquet application
– Open an Airway |Airway Management
– Treat Chest Wounds using Chest Seals
– Treat for Shock
– Dressing application | Wound Packing
– Care Under Fire
– Tactical Field care scenarios
– Transporting casualties

Day 1
– Brief explanation of a CP team roles and responsibilities
– Confirmation of zero
– stoppage drills, mag changes, draws, incorporating buddy cover
– shooting on the line (positional/standing turns/walking turns)
– Intro to walking drills (box and diamond formations) 2 and 4 man
– break contact (dry/live) 2 and 4 man
– formation walking drills – break contact with a VIP (2 and 4 man)

Day 2 and 3
– There will be more PowerPoint slides but most of the next 2 days will be spent running students through introduction to vehicles, seating arrangements (PPO,VIP, driver and shooters) and running the students through all contact drills dry and hopefully/ultimately live. It needs to be rehearsed and rehearsed till it becomes 2nd nature.


Abbotsford Fish & Game Club
4161 Lakemount Road
Abbotsford, BC V3G 2J1 Canada
+ Google Map


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