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The Amtac Shooting Force on Force Course, Cummings GA (PRIVATE)

March 24, 2018 - March 25, 2018

Bill Rapier Amtac Shooting

Amtac Shooting Bill Rapier

Does your system work? How well will your shooting/ combatives hold up under pressure? The Amtac Force on Force course will help you answer those questions and also build on your existing skill set. This course will cover pistol/ combative/ blade fundamentals and then place you in mentally and physically challenging force on force scenarios. This is a physically demanding, hands on course that will elevate your situational awareness and shooting/ combative ability to the next level.

Student Gear List:

1. Handgun, full size or compact (please no subcompacts).
2. 3-4 pistol magazines (5 magazines if you have to shoot reduced capacity magazines).
3. Holster, I recommend an inside the pants holster all kydex style ( “mini wing”).
4. Aluminum training blade (Sayoc, Atienza or HeadhunterBlades).
5. Non firing pistol shape or SIRT pistol (bring if you have but not mandatory for this course).
6. Airsoft pistol/ BB’s/ CO2 or green gas and full face mask.
7. Clothing that are typical of your everyday dress, but ones that you don’t mind getting dirty.
8. Eye and ear protection.
9. Spare parts/ oil for pistol
10.  600 rounds of training ammo.
11. Hat, sunscreen, water, snacks.
12.   Blow out kit and tourniquet.


Amtac Shooting


Cumming, GA
Cumming, GA United States


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