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Tap Rack Basic SWAT, Spokane, Washington

September 25 - September 29


This class will focus on the basic understanding of SWAT operations

including: SWAT history, liability issues, physical fitness/wellness, SWAT

equipment/weapons individual and team movement, intelligence gathering,

mission planning, barricaded persons, high risk warrants, less

lethal/chemical/NFDD issues and a large focus on team building. At the

completion of training, students will be able to function as part of an entry or

containment team. Students are required to bring all of their tactical gear for

hands-on training evolutions. This is not a course in the classroom; you will plan

and execute numerous missions during the five day course at different sites.

***Must provide LE or Military creds to attend.***

This course is designed to teach officers the basic skills required to safely and effectively operate as SWAT team members. Officers learn through the use of classroom instruction, video, demonstration and extensive field exercises. Topics include team structure, tactical movement, scouting, raid planning, breaching, weapon handling, entry, vehicle assaults, officer/victim rescue among other specialized skills and tactics.


Equipment List:

Bring all personal gear issued by your team, this includes:

Duty uniform(s)

Seasonal Boots

Heavy Ballistic Vest

Load bearing equipment/vest

Duty belt and Holster

Cold/Wet weather gear

Issued Long gun and handgun


Eye & ear protection

Gloves (Something you could shoot with)

Note taking material

1 doorstop & 25 feet of 550 cord, flat rope, or similar.

Anything else you need to maintain comfort level for the season.



Not required, but nice to have

CamelBak or canteen

Digital Camera


Laptop w/wireless internet


Tap Rack Tactical


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