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Shotgun 360: Purcellville, Va. August 4 & 5 2018

August 4, 2018 @ 08:00 - August 5, 2018 @ 17:00 MDT


360 Performance Shooting’s Shotgun 360 is our flagship shotgun program.

This program is designed to provide law enforcement and defensive minded shooters with the knowledge and skills to effectively and confidently wield one of the most powerful tools available for personal and home defense as well as duty use.


Ashton Ray and Tim Chandler

After refreshing the fundamentals of shotgunning we will briskly proceed to more advanced material, including:

Use of Cover and Concealment, including addressing corners

Movement and shooting on the move

Low Light Techniques with weapon mounted lights and emergency use of hand held lights.

Other topics to include:

Ammunition design and performance including, patterning, slug performance and ammunition performance through intermediate barriers.

Shotgun gear selection for specific applications, eg. home defense, property/business defense, and law enforcement.

In depth discussion of shotgun maintenance

Gear requirements/recommendations:

At least 500 rounds birdshot or buckshot

At least 50 rounds buckshot

At least 25 slugs

50 rounds of pistol ammunition

More ammunition is better, feel free to bring more as class size and pace can easily allow for more shooting. If you plan to use birdshot, ensure your firearm operates reliably on low recoil ammuniton.

Suitable defensive or duty shotgun, weapon mounted light highly recommended.

Eye and Ear Protection (filtered/powered ear pro highly recommended)

2 Point shotgun sling highly recommended

Suitable issued duty rig recommended for law enforcement

Outside the waistband holster highly recommended. AIWB allowed only on a case by case basis.

Bring a lunch, we will have working lunches.

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