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One Life Defense, Home Defense Pistol, Southington, Ohio

August 13, 2017


This course will change the way you see the world around you

This course will deal specifically with home invasion. Learn why the most common reactions to a home invasion are the most dangerous to you and your family. The differences between hunting, getting dragged into a fight on someone else’s terms, family rescue and fighting from the high ground will all clearly be explained. Marksmanship will deal with home defense distances and emphasize control, angle of fire and target recognition/identification. Movement and use of cover/concealment will be tailored to operating inside of a structure. You will get multiple runs through our mock ups of every shape you will encounter in a home or building.


“This is one of the most important classes we teach. I can’t count how many people who have came through these courses and told us stories about how it changed their entire way of thinking about home defense. Not only that, but what they had previously ‘planned’ to do in a home invasion would have either dragged them into an unnecessary room distance gun fight, or had them firing rounds in the direction of their family members. Seriously, this is critically important information.” Varg, Head Instructor


We will cover:

  • Shapes Lecture: how to move through structures and obstacles with advantage
  • Working “T’s, L’s, and 4-ways”
  • Use of cover and concealment
  • Working alone, when to go, when to stay, how to do each
  • Safety: muzzle control, target/innocent awareness, angles of fire, stress control
  • Shooting and marksmanship for Home Defense

Course requirements:
Liability Waiver, U.S. Citizenship and have no State or Federal prohibitions of owning or possessing firearms
Suitable handgun for duty, home defense or carry
Quality holster with a muzzle down orientation
Quality belt to secure the holster
200 Rounds of Ammunition

There are Standards to meet by the end of the course. It is not a pass or fail, but an opportunity to earn a Certificate of Training will be provided for you by the end of the course.


August 13, 2017
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One Life Defense


One Life Defense Range
Southington, OH 44470 United States + Google Map


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