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DARC, LECTC-1, Little Rock, Arkansas

July 10, 2017 - July 15, 2017

Law Enforcement Counter Terrorism Course 1

This course is restricted to Law Enforcement & Military Personnel.


Equip the LEO with relevant & useful counter-measures to combat a swarm type attack within their jurisdiction. Other purposes are to broaden the officer’s scope of knowledge of enemy tactics, their reactions to counter measures, and their determination/ fanaticism. It will also familiarize the officer with terrain analysis, hasty planning and to develop COA’s to combat a coordinated multi-cell attack within their jurisdiction.


-Enter and systematically clear a complicated residential and/or commercial structure that is occupied by a well equipped, well organized and fanatical terrorist cell with a small group of officers.

-Execute a coordinated deliberate, hasty, assault with support elements and multiple teams.

-Counter-assault armed suspects from a vehicle.

-Pursuit of multiple armed suspects on foot while in urban and open terrain.

-CBRN operations.

-Limited visibility operations.

-Sustain effective contact & disruption of the terrorist’s goal(s) while managing casualties.

-Non-electronic Communication and Coordination TTP’s.

-Stronghold domination techniques.

-Coordinate & Link-up with rapid response teams (uniform officers) on and/or IVO active terrorist cells in contact.

-Rapid & fluid (scalable) response to simultaneous attacks, both mobile & fixed, in variable terrain under adverse conditions.

-Proper coordination, training and use of Patrol Officers, and other Emergency Personnel, for active counter measures.

-Establish mind-set for the LEO to appropriately deter, counter & contain a homicidal paramilitary operation within their jurisdiction.

For further information contact DARC.


July 10, 2017
July 15, 2017
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